December 29, 2008

DIY iPod cover

Here's an easy DIY project to customize your iPod!

First I bought a clear plastic case for my guy. Guess how much?
at my local Dollar Tree <3

If you don't have a Dollar Tree near you that sells them, you can find them inexpensively online as well, such as:

Then I downloaded a template for my iPod nano 3rd gen here. You could find outlines for several other versions here. I printed the template out onto designed scrapbook paper, and cut along the straight lines (the pink ones).

Then I laid in both pieces...

And snapped it together!!

BONUS- I used a two-sided scrapbook paper, so I get two designs with each cut-out!

The possibilities to make YOUR ipod custom are truly endless. You could use colored paper or scrapbook paper of any sort, wrapping paper, or any place you find a design you love. Or, even draw your own!




  1. what a great idea! that's perfect for people like me who can't stand to have the same type of cover for over a month! ha ha ha

  2. i'm the same way, i always feel like changing the look of things after a few weeks!

  3. So cute! Dan got me an mp3 player for Christmas so I'm going to have to steal this idea! :)

  4. Wow Janny, this idea is genius. Dare I say my favorite tip yet? Can't wait to link to you. Gotta get to bed now though, it's 2AM.

    Happy New Year

  5. So cute!!

    Now I gotta get me an ipod so I can have the cool custom case!!

  6. Wow such a cool tutorial!! Do you know if i can find there covers for G2 iPods? Sorry, i just don't want to join the forum to then realize they don't have :/.

  7. This is such an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing it. I just bought one of the clear cases from the dollar tree a few weeks ago!

  8. That's super cute! I will be linking to your post from Dollar Store Crafts.


  9. I'm going to be trying this with lamanant paper - the cut and peel kind. :/ i'm not sure how it's going to go yet, but i've been everywhere in town and no one has clear cases for the 3rd generation anymore! *sigh* oh well. here we go. wish me luck.

  10. You know what? This is a great idea. Its cute. But its not craft. Craft requires more than this.

    Its a cute, simple, cheap cut&stick project.

  11. thank you, anonymous, for your criticism. its my belief that "crafting" is the ability to take different ideas and items and combine them into something of your own. here, a plain cover, and scrapbook papers with designs i LOVE, combined into an easy way to create custom, changeable covers.

    simple? absolutely. sometimes the best ideas are the most simple! and i included it here because i get a lot of feedback from people who don't consider themselves to be crafty, but could do this.

    i am glad that it has inspired some of you to do the project, and i'm flattered that "anonymous" thinks i can do better!

  12. What a cool idea!!! I have a G4 iPod Nano and my older Granddaughter has a G2 iPod, I'll be on the lookout for a clear case for them both, so I can try this myself!!! She LOVES anything pink, and her Nano is a plain ole she will be thrilled with this!

    Thanks for the great crafting idea!!


  13. wow!! This is an amzing idea and I've already bought a case :):)

    But I would like to know what website you downloaded the template from (i also have nano 3G)...

    abbie :) x

  14. I didn't realize that the dollar store sold the covers (the are regularly $20 retail). I went and bought a case this evening. That tip alone is worth the big thank you but the tip about how to make the case your own, priceless.

  15. Poo, I tried this with my iPod Touch and the case I already had, but I can't get the case to snap closed with the pieces in place. I trimmed them down as far as I could without losing the entire design on the front, and still, won't snap shut. =/


    Clearly, The Long Thread, thought it was a craft and a great one at that. It was included in their list of the top 100 tutorials of 2008!!

    Way to go janny!!

  17. I can not get the file to open am I doing something wrong or ca someone open this for me?

  18. FABULOUS!!!!!!! There's nothing I love better than great finds from the Dollar Store that you can alter.

    Love it!

  19. Love this idea. I'm tweeting about it for my daily how to:

  20. Awesome. I love how inexpensive it is....especially since I change my mind so often. Thanks!

  21. this idea is so genius!

    haha im gonna go to the dollar store soon:D

  22. This is an awesome idea!! Thanks!

  23. this is brilliant! thank you. i'm running to dollar tree tomorrow. :)

  24. This is an awesome idea, to bad I have yet to find a nano 4G template.

  25. Wow, that was so simple. I got to the end and was expecting more! Fabulous quick and easy.

  26. I just came across this project that you did and love it. My daughter is getting my 3rd gen nano and I have a clear case and would love to do this for her. Do you know where I can find the templates now? The links you have above for the templates do not offer templates any longer.


  27. Hi this is very nice.. I couldn't downloaded the template from the links. Can please mail me the templates that you used? My mail address is :

    Thanks a lot,


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