June 9, 2009

jannypie sells her crafts

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So, finally, I have started to build up my Etsy store again! Remember that I decided to make everything cohesive, so my store site is now just "jannypie.etsy.com" or you can search for "jannypie" under Sellers.

My friend has been helping me with descriptions and I have been taking better photos of everything, so I'm quite pleased and excited!

I will even be adding some jannypie classics back into the mix!

Please take a moment to see my Etsy store and maybe pass it on, or favorites it so you can check back easily. Thanks for all of your support!
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  1. Ha! My bad. Anyway, you have never bothered me. Maybe this person just gets on my last nerve and I notice it more on them. IDK.

  2. Hurray! Stopped by your etsy store and it's looking great! Love the Wish Wash Dish Wash!

    Happy belated birthday too! :)


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