June 27, 2011

Comfest 2011

Friday - Comfest 2011

This. is. my. favorite. festival. ever.

Comfest (Community Festival) is an annual holiday festival in Columbus that promotes human and equal rights for all, environmentalism and group participation in building communities. It is a three-day festival that takes place in Goodale Park.

Have I mentioned that this is my favorite festival ever?

Imagine the first really warm days of summer. The final cold fingers of winter and spring has been shaken off for good. The grass is bright green and all the trees have their leaves, but it hasn't hit the dog-hot days of late July. Everyone in the city comes out to celebrate. It's a festival of differences; it celebrates individuality and community, tradition and activism, seriousness and fun. The art tents stretch for blocks, there are six stages, food carts lining the park. And PEOPLE. People packed shoulder to shoulder in their summer wear shopping, drinking, eating, playing music, playing games, sitting on blankets, sitting on chairs, walking their dogs, and, yes, showing their boobs for some of them. (It is legal for women to be topless in Columbus, although one of the few times it is exercised is during Comfest.)

This year, like last, I shared a tent with Adornments by Karla and Kathryn of Arteest. This year we also had Amy from Painted House and More and Melanie from Mel's Clay. We had two side-by-side spots, which we turned into one large joint space, and proceeded to have the single most fun weekend of the year.

Saturday - Comfest 2011

Friday - Comfest 2011
Adornments by Karla

Friday - Comfest 2011
Mel's Clay

Saturday - Comfest 2011

Saturday - Comfest 2011
Painted House and More

Saturday - Comfest 2011
The walkway in front of our booth

Comfest is also my biggest show of the year, running three days and getting thousands upon thousands of people attending. But the best part is always the PEOPLE. People after people: meeting new ones who like my work, seeing old friends, and having a beer with them all! There is nothing that beats that feeling. Spending warm summer days outside, talking about art, having drinks and delicious food, and meeting hundreds of people who love Columbus just as much as I do... it truly is my favorite weekend of the year. I can't wait to do it all again!

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