Meet Jan

Hello, and welcome to my site!

I'm Jan, I'm a full-time scientist at a non-profit research institute in Columbus, Ohio, and in all of my spare time, I craft, decorate, throw parties, and generally try to enjoy life.

I've taken art courses throughout high school and college, and now that I have a regular job, I still try to make time to create. I love nothing more than taking bits of this and pieces of that, and putting it all together in some new way. While I have a solid background in traditional artwork- drawing and painting- I enjoy crafting more, because I like using the mix of materials and techniques, and really getting my hands in there to work things around. I consider myself a beginner crafter, though, not having taken any classes to learn how to build, or sew, or design something using graphics, or anything that you might actually see on my blog. Everything I provide here I have taught myself to do, mostly through trial and error, or searching online for help.

I have always crafted, and now that I am grown up (although, I doubt I'll ever be an actual "grownup"!) and making science all day, I found myself missing art. I realized that creating is an impulse to me, and central to my feeling balanced. Through the encouragement of friends, I slowly began to build the confidence in myself to share my creations with the world. I started this blog, and an Etsy store, and have slowly been building upon it, simultaneously learning new methods while providing what I learn and create on this site.

My crafts mostly reflect the things that bring me simple joy in life- nature, home, pets. You'll also find (quirky, nerdy) things from my interests in science, reading, entertaining, and computers. I hope that by sharing my artwork on this site with everyone, that it can bring a bit of enjoyment to others as well. I also hope to share my love of crafting and learning, by offering steps on how I make things, and freebies as well, and maybe pass on the ability to make something to someone else. Thank you for taking the time to visit my craft blog, and I hope you enjoy the site!


  1. Hi Jan, Nice to meet you. I peeked about some of your posts and saw many great ideas. Very nice place you have here! I'll be stopping back again ~ thanks for for sharing so much!

  2. Hi Jan,

    I recently started a blog to keep in better touch with my friends, and stumbled across your site when looking for pretty blog backgrounds. Your site is really cute, and I like your introduction. I was also a research scientist/forensic scientist by trade before moving, and am now on an indefinite sabbatical, a sort of temporary retirement.

    ~Aleksandra :)

  3. Hi Jan, nice to meet you. :)

    Great blog you have, and your backgrounds are excellent. Thank you.

  4. hi Jan, you're very creative . by the way, the blog background are really cute . love it . and love the other design and DIY too .

  5. I just found your blog today, and LOVE IT!!! I'll be adding it to my "must reads" list.

  6. Your creations are adorable! You have a gift - you are really very creative and talented. (I am also impressed that a scientist can also be so right brained!) I appreciate the free blog candy. I am thinking of creating a blog for my daughter using your designs. Thank you!


  8. Hi Jan

    While doing a search for scrapbook desk, I somehow found your site. LOVE YOUR DESK! I am thinking that I am going to attempt to make this same desk. Everything premade is either not sturdy or its just too expensive. Your DIY is affordable and I just wanted to thank you for the great idea and instruction. Love your blog

    Thanks again
    Marilyn in Tennessee

  9. i'm new in blogging.i already copy the code under the image cutetree n follow every single step that u list.but why my blog is still ugly and nthg change.mayb i'm little bit "IT blind".pliz help me....

  10. Hey Jan! Thanks for the comments on my new blog. I agree, the downtown picture you linked is much nicer than the others I saw! I'm loving all your fantastic crafts! :o)

    - Julie


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