Trashed my Dress!

(for those of you who know my husband, PLEASE help keep the secret until October. I am just too excited, I have to share)

Here's something new I've been up to lately!! I wanted to get with a photographer and take a bunch of pictures as a surprise for my husband for our anniversary next month. I've been hearing about the "Trash the Dress" photography from other girls online and thought it sounded really creative and fun- so I went with it!! I am SO EXCITED, I trashed my dress this weekend and I am so so so happy with how it turned out!!!

I am so happy about how my pictures turned out--- I had a BLAST taking them, and they turned out exactly like I was hoping!!!

My photographer was Chantal Stone, who is a new photographer in the Columbus area and beginning her business in wedding and family photography. And I cannot rave rave rave about her enough! And she totally helped put me at ease, I was sooo nervous I couldn't even do my makeup because my hands were shaking, but once we started, it just flowed and I didn't even think twice. She is nothing less than AMAZING.

If you haven't heard of it, Trash the Dress is a new kind of photography where brides put their dresses back on after the wedding and take really unique and creative pictures rather than just the formal pretty ones at the wedding. And I never planned on preserving mine, I wanted to do something else with it instead.

For the locals, here are the locations for my TTD session:

1) Gates of Hell skate park on High Street (keep clicking the right arrow, it takes you all the way through the tunnel)

2) Railroad tracks off of Summit

3) Fort Hayes Building 103, and pumping stations behind it

4) Abandoned house discovered by Chantal, this house is AMAZING

5) Hargus Lake


  1. Jan, those look so freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them! you look sexy and gorgeous! DH is going to love them!

  2. The pics are FAB Janny...but you already know I love them. :)

  3. I'm not sure if your anniversary has already come and gone, but I hope he loved/loves them! They're gorgeous and super sexy. I've never heard of this before. Do you really trash it doing just whatever you want to it, or is this with photoshop..for example, the mudd? Just curious because we got married three years ago and my dress is still, well...not yellow ;) And I want to do something with it, but I don't want to hang onto it for forever!


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