High excitement in craft world

I met with a girlfriend last night who has a pass to get into the Flower Factory, which is a wholesale craft store here in Ohio. We drove over to do some shopping for my craft fair and have some girl time.

We got there around 5:30 and just moseyed slowly through the store. It was really nice, we just talked and shopped and looked at Christmas stuff. I was having a really good time!

Then my husband called in a panic. He had a meeting with a township committee to get some engineering plans approved. He needed approval for his plans, or his client would have been set back months and lost around $100K. The meeting was at 7:30, this was 6:45, and his car was broken down.
user posted image<-- exactly how i looked!!!
THANK GOODNESS pray.gif6.gif for my friend!
She drove me and we picked him up together and drove him to his meeting!!! This was NO SMALL favor, that drive was forever!
user posted image
We hit like every stoplight, Erin is pregnant and had to pee, cops were out pulling people over (not us thankfully!!) We got him there at 8:00, a half hour late. He said the people were not.happy. and made him present last, but they approved his plans!! WHEW
Erin and I had some Starbucks and then picked Ryan up from his meeting, and she drove us home. That was one CA-RAZY night!!!

Luckily for the crafting world, I did manage to check out prior to saving the night :-) So the crafting may continue!