My Creative Process (Part 1)

So I started a new project last night, and thought I'd show you my work as I go through it. Good idea, right? Of course pictures are included!

The idea is to make a small felt ornament.

So, first I start with a drawing or outline.

I cut out the outline and use it to cut my felt shapes.

Take a little sip of wine. In a juice glass even. I'm classy.

And watch some cute guy on TV

OK back to my ornament. Now I sew it all together.

HMMMMMM. Upon consideration, I have decided that it looks like a fish. Must have been the wine. Into the trash it goes! I'll have to start over again tomorrow :-)

Lesson 1: When I craft, most of my stuff turns out fugly.

But hey, I did manage to get these painted and assembled, so all was not lost. :-D


  1. wow, that really made me laugh
    i love it!
    that is just SO how it goes, doesn't it?!


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