Ribbon Wrapped Christmas Ornament

This is an easy DIY project that makes very pretty ornaments for your tree!

I got the idea from the new Pottery Barn ornament collection

as a matter of fact... perhaps I'll change mine again, I like the way they continued to ribbon to hang it.

Anyways, here is my version of it!

and here it is hanging from my fauxficus

Very easy to DIY!

1-2 rolls of ribbon (mine toook 1.5)
plain glass ball ornament
crafting glue (tacky glue or fabric glue)
--i tried using hot glue at first but it doesn't stay stuck to the glass

-Remove the metal hanging attachement
-Wrap a length of ribbon around the ball (top to bottom) to get the measurement
-Leave an extra 1/4 or 1/2 inch on each end of the ribbon, to tuck inside the ball
-Cut equal lengths of ribbon enough to cover (6-10 probly)
-Glue each ribbon on individually, running them from top to bottom
-once all the ribbons are on, tuck the ends inside the mouth of the ball
-replace the metal hanger and add string to hang!

(see, I told you it was easy) :-)