Craft Fair was a success!

The fair went really well I think, especially for it being my first time! It was awkward location because the normal area is under construction, so I was down on the basement level. So, I think not a lot of people knew we were there, after about 1pm the traffic just died. However, everyone that came by gave LOTS of compliments on my work! :*) And I ended up making about $200 all told. That covers what I estimate I put into making everything, so overall I basically broke even, but thats a big accomplishment I think for a beginner! And I had lots of people take my cards to look me up online. So, yay! It was definitely something I never thought I had the guts to do, and now I can hold my head up high and say "I did that! And I succeeded!" Yay! :-)

Thanks again everyone for your support, I think most of you know how special this is to me and what a big step it was, and I really couldn't have done it without my cheerleaders behind me all the way!!

One thing I did recognize is that I just dont enjoy being a sales person. I never know what to say to people to get them more interested. So I think I lost a few sales over that. I was hoping (of course) to make a profit, so we could put some $$ towards a new car for Ryan, but I think I overall I can't complain.

i am so.exhausted. i was yesterday after i finished setting up, i came home and went straight to bed at 4:30. yeah. didnt sleep but just read a book to unwind, and i was asleep by 730. and i slept the entire night through. i've decided after this week is over and i'm done with custom orders, i'm taking a break from crafting!