New emoticons for my Craftblog

So the downside of using Blogger versus Typepad is that blogger doesn't have any smileys you can use. And if you've spent any time talking to me online in the past 6 months, you're well aware of my complete and utter addiction to emoticons. So (in the post below) I stumbled upon a tutorial on how to add them to your page by manipulating the CSS code in your template! Now now only to I have smileys--- I have ones that I made myself!!! :3
Do you like them?

Some problems I ran into and how I fixed them:

--I wanted to use <3 for my :3 smiley, but the < bracket confused the code. I used : 3 (together) instead, and that worked.

--Same problem as above wanting to use : ( ( (all together) so I used : L for :L

--Don't try and insert your own slashes / \ and parenthases ( ) into the code, it just messes it up :x