Reflections on the crafting business

I find myself feeling challenged and excited about coming up with new ideas. When I feel intimidated by something (like building or sewing), I love the feeling that I can sit down and try it and overcome that fear. It is a challenge. The creative process as an entire unit is a challenge. Coming up with new designs, new ideas, new ways to reflect who you are and what your interests are. The possibilities are literally endless; there's no dead end when it comes to creating. There's only you, and your hands, and your imagination. You can't reach a point where you can't go farther on, because there is always a new method, a new technique, a new direction in your life that you can reflect through your art. The simple process of imagining something, gathering the tools, working it all out, and finally producing something tangible... there are no words for how fulfilling that can be.

I am so glad that I have begun focusing my time, my energy, my mind in this pursuit over the last 9 months. I feel more interested and accomplished in my art than I have in a very long time. I'm learning every day. I'm thinking every day. I'm challenged every day that I spend time on this.

Thank you for following along with me on my exploration.


  1. janny, saw this on a cool blog and thought of you. Know you don't remember me (from the nest on D&R), but wanted to say your projects and dedication always inspire me! ;)



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