Tid bits

On My Bedside Table:
Dragon's Kin by Anne McCaffrey
The Golden Compass Trilogy by Phillip Pullman

Movies I want to See:
PS I love you
27 Dresses

Latest Interests:
learning new craft techniques
builing a big honkin craft desk

On My Mind:
organizing my craft supplies
trip to New Orleans

to accept who i am and not who i try to be
tricks to deal with stress
how to build a desk

ipod cozy
a huge mess in my craft room
owl stuffie

Looking Forward To:
my husband's birthday
a weekend with girlfriends
seeing Brangelina and Anne Rice!

my new soft sweater
cinnamon coffee
my cute houndstooth checked shoes

Amused By:
the phrase "nerd orgasm"
the way my dog cocks her head to the side when listening


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