Weekend trip to New Orleans!

(subtitled Longest Post Ever)
Here's a very long, detailed, illustrated recap of my very fabulous weekend in NOLA! not very craft-related but very me-related, and will probably be reflected in my creations in the future.

So yes I met up with some girlfriends for a Girl's Night out in New Orleans this weekend. I flew the new economical airline Skybus for the first time, and the flight down was surprisingly pleasant. They do a good job of providing just what you need for a nice flight without charging insane prices.

When I landed at 9:30 pm, there were about 12 people in line at the Thrifty car rental, where I had reservations. Having rented a car from there before, I knew it would take for.ever for them to get through everyone. I waited 20 minutes while the first person was waited on, and then skipped line and walked over to Budget, which had no line. Luckily Travelocity let me cancel my car rental with no fee, and the Budget car was only $11 more expensive total. Sweet deal.

Unfortunately, I didn't have as much luck with my hotel. What I had thought was 1 mile from the airport turned out to be almost 20 miles away, in the wrong direction. I had already been charged though, so I had to go. It was a Howard Johnson, sketchy, the water in the toilet bowl trickled all night long. I couldn't sleep and peed 4 times. Technically it had a bed and a lock on the door however, which is what I needed. I left the TV on and dozed as best I could.

In the morning, I loaded up and went to meet my girlfriends at the New Orleans airport!

Helloooo Chevy Cobalt!

Friday morning I got to the airport around 10:45. The girls landed every hour or so until everyone was there and had exchanged hugs and exclamations of joy. We're girls, that's what we do :)

After lunch at the airport (that cost $15 + over 10% in sales tax :o ) we headed to Natalie's house to hang out for the evening. We drank wine, snacked on her glorious array of munchies, and changed into our comfy pajamas.
Welcome sign

at Natalie's

We played the most fun drunken game of Mad Gab ever, I am still laughing today!
Playing Mad Gab

Playing Mad Gab

Playing Mad Gab

GTG group

I, being the absolute stud that I am, happily passed out on a couch at.... 9:30 pm. I got lots of hugs to wish me sweet dreams though :D

Hugs goodnight

The next morning I was up around 730 of course, and chilled around the house until everyone else got up. We all showered and got ready pretty quickly. We left Natalie's house around noon-time and drove to a local seafood restaurant. It was a blast there, we ordered boiled crawfish (not crayfish) and I even ate one... AND sucked it's head!!! It was too spicy for me to eat more than one, but I'm definitely glad I can at least say I tried it! It was kinda wierd and gross in a fun way.

After eating we headed back into New Orleans and checked into the hotel. It was very cold outside - not the South I was expecting! It was windy, too, we all got windburn on our cheeks. The hotel was nice, right in the middle of everything, so that was convenient.

We wandered around downtown NOLA for a while, stopped in at the Hustler store to giggle like school girls, then signed up for a Haunted House tour. It was a bit of a disappointment, we just stood around outside and listened to basically a history novel from a man in leather pants. No spooky rooms or dark hallways. Oh well! We were having fun together anyways, especially after we stopped for some drinks along the way! And it was awesome to really walk around the French Quarter and get to see the spanish balconies and original buildings. That city is so old, and beautiful.

Saturday also happened to be the night of the only New Orleans Mardi Gras parade that actually travels through the French Quarter. We could hear the drums and cheers and police sirens around us at different points during the tour. It sounded like so much fun and I LOVE parades (LOVE them!).... so, we decided to bail on the tour and watch the parade instead!!

IT.WAS.AWESOME. It was small, which was perfect because we didn't have to deal with such a huge crowd and were at the front lines almost the entire time. I was jumping up and down cheering my leetle head off! The parade was a perfect Mardi Gras parade with bizzare costumes, politically charged floats, giant sperm floating in the air, and beads!beads!beads! (NO there was no flashing!) We definitely saw some wierd stuff go by us! And it was so so fun, I just loved it.

After the parade we grabbed dinner at a small restaurant, then headed over to Bourbon Street for bar hopping. Now that was even more fun. We had hurricanes at every place we went, stopped for pizza, saw some REALLY strange things, played a drinking game we picked up at the Hustler store (which turned out to be not perverted at all, sadly... the game I mean).

During one stop, we played around trying on feather masks which was hilarious, and we bought some... 2 butterflies, a peacock, and a kitty... hilarious!

We stopped for a while at the Cat's Meow bar, since they had a table next to a heater (did I mention how cold it was?). There was the world's worst kareoke going on in the background, but we still managed to do a little ghetto dancing before the night was over. We had shots and beers and mixed drinks, and laughed and took pictures, until around 3 am.

I "fell asleep" about as soon as we got back to the hotel, so I missed the drunken frat guy outside of our hotel room. Apparently he thought our room was his room with his friends, and kept knocking on the door demanding we let him in. Then he went to sleep under the plant outside our door. While I was sleeping and all this was going on, aparently I kept trying to shush the other girls and at one point sat up and said "you girls are just so... energetic" :P Who uses words like "energetic" in their sleep?

Sunday we laid around and drank mimosas until Emily had to head to the airport. Then we caught a cab to the Garden District and went on a walking tour of the area. We saw such beautiful homes! Our tour guide this time was excellent, very knowledgeable and spoke about the history, the architecture, the local scandals and celebrities, it was all around just a great great tour. We saw the homes of: Nicholas Cage, Anne Rice (who moved about 4 years ago), Trent Reznor (now John Goodman's), and Peyton and Eli Manning's childhood home.
Garden District

Nicholas Cage's house

Hitching post

Garden District

Garden District

Trent Reznor/John Goodman's House

I particularly loved it because I am a huge Anne Rice fan. Not only did we see the Lafayette Cemetary which is famous in her novels, but got to learn about her growing up around the area and how she related with the city. It was so interesting to me and so neat to get to see the setting for the novels I have loved for so long.
Lafayette Cemetary
Lafayette Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery

Anne Rice's House
Anne Rice's house

Anne Rice's house

After the tour, we stood for about an hour waiting on the streetcar, which wasn't running because of an accident on the rails somewhere. We then called three different taxi companies and none of them ever showed up! So finally after forever standing in the cold, we all piled into a regular cab and headed back to the French Quarter. By this time we were running a bit late for me to get to the airport on time, but we HAD to stop at Cafe Du Monde for beignetts. YUM!
Beignets at Cafe Du Monde

Then my hosts and I went back to the hotel, packed up our things, then drove back to their house where I picked up my rental car and went to the airport. It was delayed but wasn't much of a hastle. And it was so nice to see my husband back in Ohio!!

This trip was truly better than I had even hoped for. Everyone was so much fun, we got the ultimate New Orleans experience all in one evening, and I wish I was going back soon!!

Shout outs:
Dawn, we really really missed you and wish you were there and thank you for the champagne! We made mimosas with it that were DELISH!
Aly, next time sweetie!
GTG girls, meowmeow. :3


  1. Yay for my shout out too!! I loved the story telling with the pictures intertwined! You're so awesome, Janny!

  2. My husband was so proud of you for sucking the head when I showed him the picture. ;)
    Love you and miss you bunchies!!

  3. Hi Sweetheart.

    Looks like you had a great time. I always wanted to see NO but never got father west than MS. Glad you ate the crawfish correctly. Hope winter is being good to you. Very cold here but no snow for about a week.
    I down loaded the pix to show Aunt D. Alan is supposed to visit this weekend but no sign of him yet. The clubhouse is nice and warm though.
    Be fit & happy and our love to you both. UT & AD


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