my *favorite* birds

Kind of random post for the day.

My all time favorite is the Blue Bird

because I heard this quote once
In the words of naturalist John Burroughs, the Eastern Bluebird is the “bird that carries the sky on its back and the earth on its breast.”
And I am still so taken with it

second is the OWL

So wise. So patient.
I also have extremely poor eyesight, and have always had a strange affinity for the Owl and his big eyes. I used to do this thing in high school... which I called "the owl"... it involved circling my thumb and forefinger together and pressing them around my eyes... helped with stress and sinus pressure. Wierd, I know.

and third is the goldfinch

becuase they're bright and cheery and so easy to see, and darnit they just make me happy!