Proudly Announcing!

My brand spanking new, DIY, hand-built, hand-painted, BIG AZZ CRAFT DESK!!

It is COMPLETE! I am SO PROUD of myself for accomplishing this. It turned out exactly how I had imagined (which is a stunt all in its own!)

While I was at it, I made this corkboard from an old window that my FIL gave me last summer! I filled the bottom panes with cork and the top with scrapbooking paper.

Sewing center

AND, the crafting did not stop there!

I made this leafy/feathery lamp today also!
It was inspired by this $200 beauty on Etsy

That one has leaves made from laminated linen, but I just cut mine from plain white cardstock, and curled them a bit at the ends! I used a small dab of fabric glue to attach each one, in an overlapping pattern.

Check out all the photos, as well as new ones from my guest room as a whole, right here in my new Flickr album!


  1. I can't get over how nice the desk turned out! Great job putting it together!!!

  2. You know I love it! Great job! :)

  3. What a magnificent workspace, I can't help feeling entirely jealous. One day I hope to have a space at least half as perfect as yours. x

  4. this is awesome...I just found the pier one project desk for $150 two hours away! Now I am considering just building one like you did!!!! How much did it cost in all? Did you buy the sides already done? I have seen at target and ikea....any tips? I am just going to have to do the main table for now with teh I don't have room for the side (like where your sewing machine is!) What would you the pier one or build your own?


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