Help pick a bridal shower plan!

I am co-hosting a bridal shower in May for one of my best girlfriends! I am so excited about it and want to give her something top-of-the-line. She's very fun, modern, eco-minded but also fashion-minded. I have so many different ideas and am having the hardest time picking just one! I need to narrow it down so that I'm not all over the place buying different decorations and such. I like all three of these ideas equally, I just can't pick!
(much inspired by various posts at my favorite place, HostessWithTheMostess)

All Natural Bridal Shower
With environment-friendly aspects. This would fit Natalie's eco-friendly side, be very low-key and use as much recycled and reused items as possible. The goal would also be to produce at little waste as possible.

Black and (RED) Modern Bridal Shower
This is a modern design with lots of bold accents and damask patterns. Invitations would be purchased from from the (RED) line, benefitting AIDS research. Gift wrap and other purchases would also be encouraged to be (RED) products, which is a great way to use a fun function to also do good for a charity.

Pink Chic Bridal Shower
This shower is just meant to be pretty and fun and adult. Lots of modern designs like polka dots and cherry blossoms, with yummy pink cocktails. It may tie into a Stock the Bar or Stock the Kitchen as well. Her bachelorette party will be following the shower, so this would be a great way to move right into it.


  1. My first inclination was to pick pink since that's my favorite. But if she's fashion forward, the black and red are spicy!


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