St. Patricks Day 08

Lemme tell you a story. Called St. Patricks Day, 08.

To throw a party, one must first have a date.
Good deal, St Patricks Day is on a Monday (of next week), so the Saturday before is perfect. We started telling everyone very early.

Next, one must have a location.
Well we have one, the clubhouse at our condo development. Unfortunately, when I called on Feb 1st, the 15th of March was already reserved. I was grumpy. So, we booked it for the following weekend, right after SPD. Cleared it with some friends, all was good.

Next, invitations
Ohhhh I was excited about these!

Then, people started realizing the weekend after SPD is Easter weekend. It's early this year, and it was no good. Everyone couldn't come.

So, I tossed every invitation I made, rebooked the clubhouse for the weekend before the weekend before SPD, and emailed an invitation to our guest list instead.

After that all goes smoothly, until the week of the party. We start hearing rumors of a huge storm sweeping the nation. Well, hell the weathermen like to exaggerate. It's always "the hugest storm of the winter" aOooOoooOOoo. Right, I thought.

Friday morning, there was NO SNOW on the ground. Green grass, Thursday had been warm, it was great. Then the snow started. By 4pm Friday, still at work, I decided to go pick up our beer then instead of driving back into town Saturday morning. Save us a trip. While I was at it, I only got 1 keg, instead of 2. Just in case, you know, some people didn't make it.

Still I thought that by mid afternoon Saturday the roads would be clear and we would be holed up in our clubhouse with our friends.

Friday at 7 pm. The Keggloo.

Then came Saturday, 8 am:


We couldn't even leave our house to GET to the clubhouse. There were Level 3 emergencies in counties all around us.

We had to cancel. There wasn't anything else to do.

Ryan and I, in our St. Patrick's Day garb, decided to make the best out of it. We move the keggloo up to the back door, make some beef stew, and hunker down to watch movies while the Blizzard of 08 wages around us.


And THAT, my friends, is the story of another disappointing St Patricks Day event for the O'McDennisons. Thankfully we got our rental fee and deposit back from the clubhouse. I brought the cookies in to feed coworkers, have been nomming on chips and salsa to my hearts content, and the beer is still chillin on the back porch.

The end!


  1. Those invitations were so awesome and the green beer... How Cool!!!


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