Weekend Recap

this weekend...
~we got our hair cut (i went short!)
~got our passport photos taken,
~went shopping for house reno stuff at Home Depot and Lowes, picked out Pergo for the house,
~measured the 1st floor for the new flooring,
~went to a new church on Easter
~watched two movies- Gone Baby Gone and We Own the Night, both good
~went back to Home Depot and bought light fixtures, mirrors, faucets, closet shelving, paint supplies, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies
~took out everything from the downstairs bath, removed the mirror and light fixture, and taped it off for painting
~cut wire shelving and installed it in the downstairs closet, which had none

this week...
~painting the duplex, the guys have decided to sell it as soon as both sides are rented out
~painting the downstairs bath and guest bath
~installing framed mirrors, new light fixtures, new faucets in both
~fixing the framing in our bathroom which isn't square
reassembling the shower surround and caulking