Weekend Recap

Wait, what? The weekend is over? Sigh.

Must have passed while I was busy. You know what they say about having fun.

Friday Ryan and I finished the 2nd bathroom, with light fixture, mirror and faucet. Unfortunately I decided the medicine cabinet can no longer stay, so we'll have to patch that hole in the wall. But it is an easy fix, and Mr. Medicine Cabinet won't be threatening to hit me in the head when I use the sink anymore.

Then I made a few trips to Sherwin Williams to pick out a new color for the living room and halls, but was unhappy with both choices. So no pictures yet.

Sunday we were at the duplex painting and cleaning and fixing broken furnace. I'm saying a prayer a day to the furnace gods that both last until we can sell the place. No pictures of that either.

Also on Sunday I went shopping for business clothes to attend a marketing conference in San Diego next week. My only suit is horribly outdated. Shish is what I got:

outfit #1, from AT Loft

with this skirt, AT Loft

outfit #2 this jacket from sears

and a green shirt from AT Loft that i cant find online

to go with my Editor pinstripe pants from Express

No pictures of me in any of these, thank goodness.

I was also asleep by 9 pm every night this weekend. I could still use a nap right now :)


  1. What if you added "built-in" shelves instead of patching the hole? A place to display a couple things maybe?

  2. The bathroom re-do looks fabulous Janny! And I love the new outfit! That shirt especially--it's adorable!

  3. The bathroom looks great! I really like the built-in shelf idea from the logans. And LOVE the blouse you bought from AT!

  4. lovin that curtain! too cute!


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