Blog banner for KidsStuffWorld

The very nice Stacy over on KidsStuffWorld asked me to make her a blog banner... It was my pleasure! Her blog is so neat and filled with helpful things. Be sure to take a look!


  1. cute banners! Love the colors really cute!
    Want some crazyness come by! I was tagged and it took on a life of it's own!

  2. love that site! thanks for sharing!

    banner is super cute too!

  3. Hey there lady,
    Thought you might like to know I put a blurb about you and the banners on my site. I'll be out of town on business next week, but when I get back we'll get to work on the interview.
    Thanks again for these gorgeous borders, I have literally been staring at them all day. I really like the way #3 matches the colors from my site. I think I'll stick with it FOR NOW.


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