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Do you have a happy place??

Hobby Lobby is mine. Any time I'm having a bad day, I can go there and spend hours just walking around. And I'm centered. You know: clarity. peace. serenity.

So they updated they're website to be more modern, and I am delighted! Among improved locations and specials sections, it has a newer look, more features like store music and class offerings. But I'm most excited about the new inspiration sets.

Particularly the Autumn Meadow set, just in time for fall!

And Nature's Spa... just LOOK at that tree blanket! If only I could make that.

There's even a new section for crafts made by customers!! *Evil hand rub*

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  1. Definitely my happy place too :)

    I saw that they have a new website but I haven't checked it out yet...sounds really cool!

  2. I was just there yesterday as a matter of fact! (both the site and the store) I could spend forever and my entire paycheck there. Too bad Lexi doesn't agree with me..we had to leave since she was fussy :(

  3. It's my happy place too! I recently moved and there isn't one close to me now thought. :(


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