Weekend Recap

1. Silent auction results
A special thanks to Erin for her winning bid for a full blog design in the silent auction! Her generosity will certainly be appreciated by the family in need. And I am very excited to work with her to decorate her blog!

2. New funny blog to read
Pakito Wears Banana Pants
"This is a silly blog about my consumption of energry drinks and other random things I like. Itll all be low brow...or new brow"
Pakito is a coworker of mine who is funny and tall. And he has a huge selection of energy drinks. And now he blogs about them. Did I mention it's funny?

3. Welcome bruddah from the same muddah
My brother moved in with us this weekend, transfering his butt from Massachusettes (sp, too lazy to spell it correctly) to Ohio. Because Ohio is clearly superior. And also his sisters live here. My hubby and I are helping him get settled and find a place to live, job, etc. Please send your good luck dust his way!

4. Christmas Cards

3 new Christmas Card designs this weekend! They were a custom order from Kelly of The Bond Between Us, an extraordinarily talented photographer who will use them to make holiday cards for her clients!

5. Etsy
I placed both sets of Christmas Cards up for sale as complete packages in my Etsy store. Each package contains 3 designs in both portrait and landscape orientations (6 files total), in full PSD files at 5"x7" and 300 dpi.

I also sold another item just today!

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  1. im funny and tall, hee hee thanks ;)
    i like the cards too, good job. hope things go well with your bro, hopefully ill meet him sometime.

  2. Hey girly!
    Thanks for the funny blog info! I will head over there soon!
    And love your ETSY store! I will have to add you to my favs soon.
    Thank you for playing 'pay it forward' I should have your goodies out by next friday! Keep your eyes peeled!
    And I am sending you bro some good luck!


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