Free Printable De-stress Booklet

Y'know those days when you get reeeeally stressed out??

I have those too. A lot.

Recently it got to be overwhelming to me, and I knew I had to do something to organize my thoughts and get control of this.

So, I made up a handy dandy booklet, using Four A's of stress management that I learned a long time ago: Acknowledge, Accept, Assess, Act. It helps you realize what's going on in your life, accept the feelings that creates, and then divide them into things you can change and things you can't.

I also included some of my own ideas on how to actively de-stress, like taking a hot shower with only candlelight, and taking a walk outside and identifying the smells all around. They help me focus on my senses and immediate surroundings, so my mind isn't whirling all around the place.

I'm also providing my booklet as a free download, for all my readers who may be stressed out (especially heading into the holiday season!)
Download & Print from here

if that link doesn't work, try this one

And if neither of those word leave me a message so I can fix them!

What are some things YOU do to try and relax? Leave a comment and share!


  1. How perfect for this time of year, thanks! I'll be linking to this too.

  2. How cool! Thanks!!! (I know I'm way

  3. Help! The first link doesn't work at all for me :( and I cannot figure out how to print from the Adobe Beta site. The booklet looks adorable and I'm finding the Beta site to be beyond user friendly!


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