Introducing: Andrea the Anthrax Spore

Here she is, the belle of the ball! The first idea to mind when I thought, it would be funny to have scented bacteria stuffies, 'cause like, the usual way you catch the disease is by breathing it in. So this would be like a warm, yummy smelling version of the normal pain and death causing culprit! Funny, right?! It works, because science is what I do, I work with most of these organisms daily.

cinnamon-scented aromatherapy anthrax

Anthrax spores are tiny white resistant buggers with a wavy outer layer. They are created by the bacteria Bacillus anthracis when in hostile conditions, so that they can survive for decades, their evil lying dormant inside. They became popular as a bioweapon due to the quick and painful death they cause when inhaled. Luckily, if you get anthrax, you can’t give it to anyone else! It is also treatable with regular antibiotics if diagnosed in time.
Andrea Anthrax is named after my coworker and friend, who is a super scientist too.

Scented Science can be heated in microwave for 15 sec.
Use caution: plastic eyes and parts may be hot.

scented science © jan dennison 2008

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  1. This is too cute! I'm not sure if Andrea should be honored or concerned that you named a creation after her. I mean, you did say that they have evil lying in them....

  2. I never knew anthrax could be cute!

  3. These are the cutest things ever!! I wish I had enough money to buy your whole line.

    And I love being named after the Anthrax spore. How awesome is that?!


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