Sam Smallpox

cookie scented germ warfare

she's even posing on a blanket. get it?

Smallpox is cause by two viruses: Variola major, and Variola minor. Variola minor is jealous of Variola major, which got the cooler name and kills more people. True story- both viruses are named from the Greek word varius, which means pimple. And it was first called Smallpox to differentiate it from the great pox, syphilis. With a history like that, its obvious why nobody likes to get smallpox. Nobody likes syphilis or pimples.Plus it kills people. Enjoy!

Sam smallpox is named after one of my best girlfriends!

Scented Science © can be heated in microwave for 15 sec.
Use caution: plastic eyes and parts may be hot.
scented science © jan dennison 2008

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