Advent Calendar Roundup

One thing I *LOVE* about the Christmas season is the Advent Calendar. I love how unique and beautiful they can be as each creator counts down the days. I am working on one of my own, and it will be very jannypie-esque. In the mean time, I leave you with this roundup of calendars I am loving this year.

1. Desktop button tree on
2. Off-beat chewing gum calendar on curbly
3. Daily photo kit from etsy seller emilyruthplays
4. Felt tree from Flickr member relentlesstoil - it has aliens and robots and wizards

5. Mirrored doors from Target
6. White burlap calendar from etsy seller TinyNestCreations
7. You mommies- here's a baby sock one from Martha Stewart
8. Red fabric december calendar from Flickr member hannahhoosier

9. Lego city advent calendar... yesssss
10. Beer calendar from Flickr user brodiemcculloch
11. Fun wall hanging tree from Pottery Barn Kids

13. Lighted houses cut out of white paper thn26987
14. Round flip book by jenshurkus
15. Scrapbooked squares from Sassafras Lass
16. Modern colors from Oh Dee Doh


  1. I'm totally going to steal that beer one and make it a wine calendar :)

  2. Until recently we always got Advent calendars, I should start buying them again. I especially love the one for alcoholics and the Lego one!


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