Craft Fair Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

The craft fair Friday went quite nicely, not nearly as much business as we had hoped, but there weren't that many people and it didn't seem as if they were carrying many bags, so I took that as a sign that it was the same for all the vendors. But I definitely can't complain. There was lots of interest in my scrappages books, and many people took the business card and info sheet I had printed out for them. The scented science were hit-or-miss, it seemed the people around my age and/or who worked in biology "got it" and thought they were hilarious. The older ladies... well... one asked me if they were supposed to go inside her shoes.
But, even with the ones who didn't get it, I still sold 7 of them, and one birdhouse. Like last year, that covers my own money invested in the crafts, so I call that another check in the "Win" column!

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