Wishing you a Happy Holiday season

Here is our card for 2008. You can click on it to make it bigger to see the detail. I designed it in photoshop and had them printed out. The inside of the card says:
11. January - A new year
10. February - Mini-vacation at a friend's cabin in New York
9. March - Annual St. Patrick's Party gets snowed out
8. April - Hosted baby shower for friends
7. May - Began home improvements
6. June - Jan is a bridesmaid
5. July - Ryan is a groomsman
4. August - Jan's sister has an Indian wedding reception
3. September - We buy a new camera, and Rose models
2. October - Group vacation in the Riviera Maya, Mexico
1. November - Our condo is on the market

December - Enjoying the holidays and relaxing from a very busy year!




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