Digital Scrapping - Paperclips

To start out with tips on scrapbooking tutorials, I'm going to share one of the first ones I ever learned myself- paperclipping. Just what it sounds like, making it look like there's a paperclip on your page. It's really simple, and has a ton of applications.

(Note: my digital scrapping tutorials use Photoshop as the editing program, and assume you at least have your feet wet with some downloaded elements, such as papers, buttons, brads, etc. and are familiar with the tools and how to move between layers in Photoshop.)

This will make a paperclip appear to be clipping the scrap, no matter how rough the edge of the paper. To try and cut it out yourself could drive you nuts getting it to look exact. Once you get the hang of this, it only takes one second, and you will use it all of the time, and probably for things other than paperclips!

1. Start with your paper, or bit of scrap you want to "clip".

2. Copy your paper clip as a new layer on top of the paper.

3. With the paper layer selected, select the paper piece so that the "marching ants" go all along the edge of the paper.

4. Now select the paper clip layer. Get your rectangular marquee tool (the select box). Hold down the ALT key so that your + cursor has a little minus sign next to it +_ This means that whatever you select next will be subtracted from the selection. If you push SHIFT, it would have a little plus sign next to it, ++ and would add to the selection.

Pressing ALT, carefully make a box around the part of the paperclip that will be on TOP of the paper. Then hit DELETE. The rest of the clip will be deleted, giving the impression that it's behind the paper.

Press DELETE to cut the paperclip.

Looks like it's clipped!

Now you can play around, using safety pins and other types of elements, like these.