DIYourself - Make your own packaging

So, I make these wooden wall signs, right? You might have seen them on my blog. Or my Etsy store. Or my craft fair. Or everywhere.

Point being, they're tough to package. Regular mailers are too wide and short. Boxes get... boxy.

So, I decided to make my own packaging. It was easy. You could do it, too.
Perfect for awkward items, your Etsy store products, or whatever you feel like sending through the mail.
Better: it's cheap. Nuff said.
Best: it's awesome for recycling- you could use any heavy weight paper, just depends on the size of your item! For smaller things, use magazine pages or junk mail. For bigger things, use gift wrap, turned inside out.

Check out that fine photography right there. Shadow of my hands taking the pic, right in the pic. You'll see why I'm not getting into that biz.
Materials: craft paper, scissors, pen, permanent tape (double sided or packing are good)

1. I rolled out the craft paper, and lined up my sign along the edge.

2. By using the sign as a straight edge, I drew along the side of it, and then moved it over, drawing another line along the new edge. I measured 3 widths of the sign wide. This turned out to be a bit too much, I could have done two and a half.

3. Then I added about 4 inches to the length of it, to have tabs on the end to fold over. Again I just used the sign to make the straight edge.

4. Cut out

5. Wrap sign like a present. Where I had too much paper, I just folded the extra over, like here on the left

6. Leave enough give in the folds so your item will easily slide in and out. Then tape the main seam shut. You could use permanent double sided tape underneath the seam to make it look nicer, but here I used packing tape so you could see it.

7. Now take out whatever it is you are wrapping. Then I made a little flap at each end by cutting in just an inch along the sides, and then trimming across the bottom. This left the top as a little flappy guy.

(again with that photography)

And taped close the bottom opening (not the top yet!)

Also press the envelope down flat and crease the edges, to give a little sharpness to them (I am alllll about sharp edges when wrapping)

Make them supersharp. Like use something heavy and run it along the edge, to make it extra sharp. Do it.

8. Take a sec to make your product pretty

9. Address the top (don't give out addresses in your photos!)

10. Now slide in your item, close up the end, and you're finished!