Featured Reader: Kristina

Bringing you our very first Featured Reader: Kristina R, from About A Bit Of Everything

Her blog descriptions sounds quite a bit like myself and many of our readers as well

Join me and my husband on a new journey as we put our house on the market, prepare to move back to my home town, embrace frugality and conservation, I try my hand at cooking, spend some time baking and tackle projects around the house.

A gal, a house, and real life interests and challenges

Kristina makes these CUTE stamped porcelain tile magnets

Which is a really great idea and would go fabulous with the popular tile coasters that I've seen around and she also makes. Kristina has easy DIY instructions with them, too.

How much do I LOVE these owl tile magnets?!?! A TON.

A set of those magnets would be so nice looking in our house or make great gifts.

Kristina also has other really great DIY posts, be sure to check out her blog! Some of my favorites from browsing around are her Aprons and No Sew Pillows.