Free Background - Shabby Chic Dream

Edit Feb 27: Due to the popularity of these backgrounds and the numerous requests for Navbars back again, I have removed the coding to hide the navbar. If you WOULD like your bar hidden to make your own blog look more unique, just copy & paste this code right before the </style> tag:

#navbar-iframe { height:0px; visibility:hidden; display:none;}

My FREE Blogger backgrounds do NOT require the use of only the Minima standard template. My backgrounds are wide enough for you to use several of the Blogger options!

Following installation, remember that you can change colors and fonts to fit YOUR personality by going to Layout -> Fonts and Colors. This won't alter your new background!

1. Log into your Blogger Dashboard
2. Chose the blog you want to show your new background
3. Click on the LAYOUT tab -> PAGE ELEMENTS
4. In your sidebar, click on ADD A GADGET
5. Scroll down to HTML/JAVA and select
6. Leave Title Blank. Copy and Paste following code into the Content box

7. Click the orange Save button, and your new background is installed!

Use the following code fix only for Denim and TicTac layouts


  1. Love your backgrounds. It is SO HARD to choose just one. Maybe I'll just change each week :)
    Thanks so much for creating these!!

  2. I love this backgrond its so dreamy , I change my blog background every few weeks (I may hold on to this one a bit longer as it is sooo sweet)
    Thank you
    Hugs Susie xx

  3. I just found your blog. WOW you have amazing talent. I was wondering if you ever do any custom designs. Great job.. I love the way this one looks. So sweet...

  4. LOVE IT! using it now! I love to change it up... this goes great w/ my new header I just made! THANKS

  5. Hi! I just changed my background tho this one. My blog is Pause Dream Enjoy, so these buttons fit in rather well. I love your backgrounds! I tend to change mine pretty regularly... I just like to mix it up and get a fresh view on life!
    Thanks for all your free talent you share! Have a great day!

  6. Thanks Jannypie for the lovely Shabby Chic Dream background!

  7. i just changed my blog background to ur is awesome and i'm sooo glad i found i dont have to use the minima blogger background for it to load..great job...and thanks for letting us share in ur gift and for free too..


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