Still working on the website. It is really hard to work out the fine adjustments in CSS code, I am only self-taught via google so I have to look up every line. I have an idea of what I want, just can't get it there yet. Also I am worried about someone in my family, so my creativity is blocked, I just can't think of anything pretty. Bit by bit though!

Oh, and if anyone ever offers you actual blog design (not just a banner or background here or there) actual design of the columns and pieces, it is worth a LOT in time and headache. Just so's you know.


  1. It looks AMAZING so far!! I love it!

    Wanna do one for me!! ;)

  2. hey girly! Boy oh boy I have missed you and your blog! Happy New Year! To you and me...for me it is my life begining anew...cancer free! It will be an amazing year!

  3. Wow janny, it looks amazing. You can certainly do just about anything you put your mind too. Found you on twitter, what a great little site - look me up, my twitter id is steet


  4. love your site. i'd like to see more digital scrapbooking how-to's.

  5. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing more in the future!

  6. Ok, I must say I love the Nest sign...sooo cute!


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