Angry knife-wielding alien

I made this about 6 months ago, but I'm posting becuase it never made the blog. This is an angry knife-wielding alien called a Rocktopi from the novel Earthcore by Scott Sigler. They have 3 tentacles on bottom and 3 on top, and carry curved blades made of platinum. I'm a confirmed junkie of Sigler's free podcast novels- they're smart and funny, and Sigler reading them is smart and funny. Many a long hour at work has been passed listening to one of his stories.

He says, BLARGH!!!

angry knife-wielding alien
He's handsewn from felt and stuffed with polyfill

angry knife-wielding alien
And has angry googly eyes


  1. He's too adorable to be scary! :)

  2. good stuff. check out david horvath, katie has a few of his things :)


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