The day we're all Irish

Many of you may know already, but every year my husband and I host a large, loud, green... PARTY! We throw an annual St. Patrick's Day party for all our friends. We started in 2005, so this March will be our 5th Annual event (barring last year, when nature had other ideas and snowed us out).

Here's the joke: We're not Irish. Not even a little bit. Like, we don't even pretend to have a distant relative who married someone Irish. But we do like beer. And parties. And we have some Irish friends. And the one party of the year devoted entirely to drinking, is St. Patrick's day. (shut up, Mardi Gras).

So, we throw a huge party, and have even taken to making up an Irish last name for the day, the O'Dennisons. We are expecting over 40, maybe 50 people, half of whom plan on sleeping on our floor... or wherever they land. We'll have per usual a poker tournament, a large buffet dinner, and the 2009 Beerlympics Championship, with games of skill and chance, and prizes for the winning team.

And here are our 2009 St. Patrick's Day invitations

Handmade paper invitations with a "Bingo card" feel. Jello-shots-bingo will be one of the games we have!
These were sent to our closest friends. (They're in the mail, I swear)

A simple 8.5x11" page with the info, which we handed out to coworkers and others close by.
(forgive me blacking out the addy and website, for privacy)

I also created a simple web page with an RSVP form, party details, and directions and pictures to help people find the place. Gotta make use of all forms of communication in this age! (Do I make a Facebook event? Too much? Heh)

So, please wish us "luck" in the weather, so we can have a fun time this year! I'll post other party details as I plan them. Well, okay so I've already planned them all, and I'm just restraining myself from posting, but you'll get to see them. Sooner.


  1. i think they are really pretty! i wish i could go!!

  2. Love the invitations! Sounds like so much fun! I am a little Irish...I think I should be there! Can't wait to see more!

  3. That sounds like an AWESOME good time, I love it!

  4. the invitations are so nice!


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