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Valentines are in the air! Been thinking of ways to show people you like them? One of the best ways you can show your support for your favorite bloggers is to... tell them!

Getting involved with the blogs you read can be fun, and helps support the authors. You'll get more out of it as well, as the authors get to know you and respond. Here are ::5 Easy Ways to Get Involved::

1. Leave comments! Easy and the most effective way to get involved. Bloggers love hearing from their readers, and you may even make a new friend :)

2. Subscribe. The other best thing you can do- and it makes it easier to get your favorite content right when it's posted. Ways to subscribe include
RSS/Feed Readers
♥ Email
♥ Blogger's "Follow This Blog" Feature

3. Share the link. Cutely called "Link Love", sharing the links to your favorite blogs will help other people find them too. You can list your favorite blogs easily on your own blog or website, and when posting content from another blog, be sure to also include the link where you found it! (This helps for copyright laws too, heh)

4. Feature them on your own blog. Also a great way to show you like reading someone's content. If your favorite blog is mostly about writing or jokes with not many photos, simply quote some of your favorite parts from it.

5. Visit them. Site hits are the #1 way blogs are ranked in search hits and sites like Technorati. For any blogger hoping to share their content, this helps other new readers find them. I for sure am guilty of mostly reading blogs in my Google Reader, and not visiting each blog individually. But every now and then I open up their site and leave a comment. This would be the Triple Attack: I subscribe, I comment, and I visit. Bonus: you get to see when bloggers change their layouts or sidebar content, which don't show up in the feed reader.

Of course, if the blog in mind is a personal or private blog, and not really trying to get more readers then many of these don't apply. But you can still show your love by leaving comments!

I hope this inspires some of you to show your love this week, I know I'll be making it a point to stop by my favorite blog spots. ♥

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  1. It makes perfect sense to me. I don't have much on my blog but I like it when my readers (however little I have) leave messages.


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