i am IN LOVE!!

i am feeling some extra valentine's day love- this custom reversible tote bag was made for me by Stephanie from Mada'sPlace on etsy

reversible tote

reversible tote

It is meant as a diaper bag, but as I have no kids I'll just be using it as a Jan bag! Stephanie made it from bird and branches cotton I purchased from Etsy, and brown poplin from JoAnn Fabrics. One side is circled with pockets, which will be so useful for my camera, cell phone, on-hand crafting needs, travel make-up, and whatever else I want!

Thank you SOOOOO much Stephanie, it's BEAUTIFUL! I love it so much!!
All you readers should check out her Etsy store for other high quality things she sews for babies and mommas!!!!


  1. I love it! I've often used diaper bags for totes... all the pockets come in handy.

  2. that's really pretty!! i love the fabric, and it looks so well made!

  3. That bag looks awesome!! Didn't have diaper bags like that when I had kids. Would have been nice. Enjoy your bag.

  4. OMG So cute! Steph kicked ass on that!


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