The "First Try" Craft

I share this with you, lovely reader, to show you that everybody has that first failed try at something... and it can often be hilarious! I'm so glad that you all liked the puppy softie from yesterday (and yes, I do plan on putting some on Etsy!). So I thought I'd share with you all my first try, that was not quite so... 'successful'.

This is the vintage deer pattern, which is why I bought the set- I am LOVING cute deer right now.

So here we start out with my pattern bits all cut out and ready for sewing.

Starting to get complicated. The pinning-things-out-of-the-way part so they don't get in in the way of other things... needs some practice.

I've finished, and turned it inside out. At this point I know it's pretty wrong, but I stuff it anyway just to see....

Well that's not so bad, right?

Still kinda cute here, if I tilt my head to the siiii...

Oh, yes, I see.

Poor thing, stuck in an eternal "marking my spot" pose. *Tsk tsk*

I hope that gives you a little laugh!! And despite poor Limpy up there, I *do* love the pattern, and will try again.


  1. I call these "first tries" the "first pancake." The first pancake is always the tester pancake!

  2. I totally agree with first try crafts. You always learn from your mistakes. They will only get better and better from here!

  3. lol, that did give me a bit of a laugh

  4. Thanks for that! I am having a few of those moments lately. LOL Try Try again!

  5. LOL Too funny! But it's still adorable... :)

  6. Oh that gave me more than just a little laugh.

    Oh dear - pun intended ;)

    It's still awfully cute. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. I'm so glad there are other crafters out there who give things a go only to have them turn out spectacularly wonky. Love it!

  8. lol, I did have a good giggle and like many others now do not feel so alone with things turning out not quite as planned. Still very cute though, I look forward to seeing the next one


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