Four St. Patrick's DIY Projects

Lucky Readers!!

Today I'm giving you a four-leaf-clover of DIY projects!!

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St. Patrick's Day is next Tuesday, and our annual party is on Saturday. We're almost ready! Here are some projects I've done for the party that you could use for your next bash!

Lady Luck T-shirt
DIY Tshirt
My shirt for the day.
Tshirt from Target
Iron-on letters - Generation T brand at Michaels
Felt cutout from Etsy seller kutz, who has fabulously quick shipping!
shamrock embellishment

An easy project- just iron everything on! Think of a sassy saying for your shirt. Use a two-sided interfacing for the shamrock and felt cutout. Follow the directions for each iron-on product. Wear and look fabulous!

Food Picks
Picture 008
A great way to let your guests know what they are looking at- and potentially warn of food allergies.
To get these long picks, I use bamboo skewers from the kitchen utensils section in the department store! They are cheap and come with several in a package. The skewered end is perfect for sticking right into each dish. I attached punched out tag on the other end and wrote each food name.
Tips: Make some extra blank ones, for dishes that guests bring. Great way to give credit for the yummy offerings, as well! One of mine already says "Cake by Susie"

Add a colored dot, sticker, sketch or some other way of identifying which foods may contain nuts.

These are great as drink swizzle sticks too! Notice them from the baby girl shower I threw last year?

Water Bottle Wraps
Picture 007
An oldie but a goodie, we do have many guests who don't drink and would prefer to just have water while visiting.
These are so easy and quick to make- I cut cardstock in 1.5" strips and wrap around bottle, securing end with double sided tape. On the front, I use another strip of tape to stick on the scallop and then the punched shamrock. Details like this will stand out to your guests, who may end up holding this bottle for a while, and they'll remember it later!

DIY Yard Signs
DIY Party Sign
This is an easy and VERY inexpensive way to let your guests know where the party is! This only took a piece of foam board ($1 at the Dollar Tree!), some cut-out letters and glue. For stakes to support it, use wire coat hangers straightened out. The foam board is the perfect thickness and strength to poke the wires in and have it stand up. Just put one coat-hanger stake on each side of the bottom of the sign, and the other into the ground!

DIY Party Sign
This sign is even double-sided, and will go along the road by our house, so that guests coming from both directions will know just where to turn. (An issue, as there is no road sign, and we've had a few lost souls in the past!)

For lettering, I cut out cardstock on the Cricut. Those without a Cricut could cut their own, or find pre-cut letters in the paper section of any craft store and many department stores.

I think this would be a CUTE idea for a child's birthday party- how much would a little one love seeing a big sign with their name out in front of their house?! I am also thinking about edging the sides of the sign with sparkly shamrock garland- think of the possibilities!

I hope you like these party ideas!


  1. i already told you i like the shirt :) but i do like the signs, too. i'm digging the different sized letters and uppercase/lower case mix!

    i just got a bonus and am now trying to figure out which cricut will work best in my life :) the ideas are flying through my head of what i can make!

  2. LOVE all of the cute stuff, Jan! You're so o'crafty!!

  3. I love the stuff, Jan! I hope the party goes well! I'm sure your guests are going to really appreciate all the time you put into the preparations!

  4. I'm all about warning people with food allergies!

  5. I'm SO using the food pick and water bottle ideas for my sister's shower. Loves it!


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