My To Do List

Well, our St. Patrick's Day party is coming up THIS WEEKEND!! I will have lots of photos for you coming up! Until then, you can see my "To Do" list:
  • call beer distributor
  • make food labels
  • make welcome sign
  • make jello shots
  • make pies
  • make shepherds pie
  • make casserole
  • grocery store: fresh veggies and fruit
  • make salad
  • mix appletinis
  • print out signs for smoking/bathrooms
  • decorate clubhouse
  • set up game area
  • finish t-shirt
  • prep snack bowls, cheese tray

  • Weekend weather report:
    High of 48, Partly Cloudy (yay!)
    High of 48, Partly Cloudy (yay!)
    High of 49, Partly Cloudy (woohoo!)
    High of 53, Mix of sun and clouds (eeeee!)

    Better than the blizzard of last year!


  1. Lots of luck getting everything done! I'm hoping that 53 report is the correct one :)

  2. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I love it!

    Thought maybe I could help with your Jello shots...I can't remember where I found this website, but it has great tips and some recipes for jello shots!
    Hope it helps! Good luck getting everything done, have a great party!


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