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A new round of things I have been loving online lately!

pleated purse - pattern
via my spare time along with other fantastic tutorials and crafts

comma shaped felt necklace

etsy artist shupg

thrift store plate mirrors - tutorial

from CraftyNest

cupcake planters - tutorial

a whimsylove creation

bird & branch silhouette sofa

Ami McKay on poppytalk

paper mache blue birds - tutorial

on ultimate paper mache

simple button up window shade - tutorial

from Woman'sDay.com

scrapbook paper wall mosaic

this dollar store crafts project would look great in a craft room

birch tree pleated purse

from a new favorite blog, Karlee Fuchs

bluebell the jackalope plush

by girlsavage on flickr

sterling silver swallow ring

a flickr frind from bbel-uk

layered flower clips - tutorial

the layering of different kinds of flowers creates a beautiful image, from a feathered nest


  1. What a lovely collection. Now, just need some time to do some of these projects. . .

  2. these are all so beautiful, thank you!

  3. gorgeous picks janny!

  4. thank you ladies! it takes each of us sharing the small bits to create a grouping of the gorgeous!

  5. I pretty much love the scrapbook mosaic idea..perfect for someone who can't paint (dorm room? apartment?) I also love the thrift store plate project..if only thrift stores around here had such cool stuff!


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