My turn at being Green

Happy Earth Day all!

So, here is what I have been working on very hard for the past few weeks. Our Columbus Etsy street team challenged its members to find ways to make their crafts more eco-friendly.

At first I thought "Well shoot, I don't make anything green." But then after a bit I realized that there were things I already make that I could tweak just a bit, and be better to the Earth!

"Ryan Rhinovirus" cause of the common cold

Last fall I made up a lot of Scented Science guys- yummy aromatherapy felties. I thought they were funny (I still do); guys that look like diseases you'd normally get breathing them in, only they smell yummy and encourage you to sniff them.

Well, there ARE things I can do to make them eco-friendly.

1) I switched from polyester craft felt to wool felt or recycled felt from plastic bottles.

2) Stuffed them with rice, which is renewable, rather than plastic beads or poly fiber fill.

3) I replaced synthetic fragrance oils with plant based essential oils. It turns out, essential oils are more fantabulous than I ever knew, and have all kinds of natural healing and relaxation powers!

And THAT led me to researching more about actual aromatherapy, and mixing essential oils and all kinds of things. I'm really excited and interested in it all now :)

Scented eye pillow I made from Dollar Store supplies

And this is where I am now

Picture 134
My own 100% natural mixture

My own mixture of rice, flax seeds, tea leaves, and dried orange peel, and scented with a blend of lemon verbena, tea tree and cedarwood. It's heavenly. Most people who make these use either rice or flax. I decided to use a mix of both, because the flax seeds give a nice pressure on the skin but can produce natural oils that stain the fabric if there are too many, and the rice gives a perfect heaviness.

And now I have gone from almost 100% synthetic materials, to 100% natural!! I am so pleased, and it is a great example that small changes can really make a big impact. So, if YOU think there's no way to make your arts green, just give it a second thought and see what you can REALLY do.

Gooooo EARTH!


  1. That's awesome! The sniffing aspect/airborne pathogen angle is really fun. I love mixing my own oils as well. It's totally addictive!

    Happy Earth Day!


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