CINCO DE Harwood!! Readers Wake Up!

Bet you thought this was a Cinco de Mayo post, didn't you?

It's even better, it's a Cinco de Harwood post, and all of YOU get to read a freeeeee preview of a book I completely dig, Jack Wakes Up by author Seth Harwood.

By now you should know two things about me: I love promoting people who have amazing talents, and I am an avid lover of audiobooks. This blog is my voice to share with as many people as I can the ideas, creations, and works by people who I think are just down right talented. And I have always been a book lover, I eat them up, and now in days of modern media, I love being able to listen to books while doing my daily activities.

So here's the third part about this: I know I post a lot about cutie crafts and things I heart, but I also heart stuff that has bad ass attitude.

Meet, Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood

Click the bood to read the first 3 chapters free

Jack Wakes Up is a crime novel set in San Francisco that Seth Harwood has written and provided as free segments as a podiobook on iTunes. This book is so good, and gotten so much support from listeners, that it has been picked up for print by Random House and goes on sale **TODAY** (hence the Cinco de Harwood... you get it.)

I've posted about podiobooks before here, and if you still don't know what they are, you need to get with the program, because digital media is the future, is the cutting edge of online marketing, and is one damned fine way to get some literature back into your life.

What’s great about this little podcasting niche is that it enables small, indie authors to share their work which would’ve not necessarily made its way into print. Even better, some authors get their books in print as a result of podcasting it.

Oh look, here's a very convenient vid clip of Seth Harwood himself explaining to you how he has written and shared Jack Wakes Up.

I don't think there's any better way to sell you on the book than to let you check it out for yourself. So I read it as a podcast and I give it away to you for free. -Seth Harwood

Today Seth has created yet another new idea in grassroots promotions by providing his fans with free .pdf versions of the first three printed chapters of Jack. So do check them out for yourself. See if you like it too. Then, hop on over and order it for yourself, or maybe someone you know who likes suspenseful crime novels.

Read it right here!

or open the .pdf file in your own reader by clicking here
Jack Wakes Up by Seth Harwood

Seth's website:
Jack Wakes Up

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