Eco-chic Craftacular


Here I am at my table at the first Craftacular, put on by Etsy Team Columbus.

picture 157

picture 164
hmmmm what do we have here?

picture 158
Customizable iPod covers- with replaceable paper skins

picture 159
my relaxation pillows

picture 165
aromatherapy sprays, and a display of the blend i use to fill the relaxation pillows

picture 166
more pillows. don't you just want to rest them on your eyes and take a naaaap?

picture 167
i know i do

picture 161
e.coli plushies

picture 162
smallpox and strep throat plushies

picture 163
pollen plushies. later with felt flower pins!

picture 170
all together now

picture 172
and here's the big winner- swine flu, with removeable swine mask. then it's just regular flu. everyone LOVED these! i sold out both days!

Thanks again for everyone coming out to support me and see the show! I truly hope you enjoyed it, and I know that I had a complete blast. There was nowhere else in the world I would rather be!

Interested in something here? Don't want to miss out on contracting the Swine Flu?
I have already recieved requests for more flu plushes! If you'd like one, you can simply email me at for now, until I am able to list them all on my Etsy shop itself.

jannypie notice
My husband and I are taking a few much needed days off for Memorial Day Weekend and are going out of town. I will have very limited internet access if any at all. And order requests will be received on my return Tuesday.

Thank you so much!


  1. beautiful display! the flu plushie is too funny!

  2. I just had to let you know that my husband almost spit out his coffee when I showed him the swine flu plushie. The pig snout mask is priceless.

  3. As I was scrolling through this post, I was thinking "She needs a swine flu virus," and then there it was. I love it!

  4. Everything looks great! Your owl logo on the banner is fantastic and really eye-catching!

  5. What a great blog!! your booth is adorable...what great goods you have.

    ps. thanks for listing my blog :)

  6. Your booth is amazing! Great job! Everything is so cute - the swine flu plushie is adorable!

  7. You looked MAHVELOUS darling! Glad you had so much success. Looking forward to the next Craftacular!!!

  8. OMG I need those pillows!!!!!

  9. I just love your blog. Do you have it set up for followers? I grabbed your grab button- the darling little owl. I have several owls on my blog so he looks really cute there. Hopefully this will bring you some traffic to your Etsy shop!!
    Love those owls. Will have to try the owl backround sometime!!! come visit my blog at

  10. kooks great! congrats on a great show! I also love the swine flue plush!

  11. You make such beatiful things! I love them.


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