Thanks for the feedback on the site!

1) The Black & White flowers background issue has been corrected, and will load the right one!

2) There were some people getting script stop errors in Firefox. I have read up on the issue, and it appears to be a default Firefox setting, that allows only 10 seconds for the page to load. I will continue to keep checking into it, but users who have this problem on other pages also may want to read the steps given here, FireFox Unresponsive Script Error on mydigitallife.info. I changed my setting to 60 seconds, and the page loaded with not problem.

3) made some other minor corrections round and about

as always, thanks for the suggestions and comments, even pointing out errors helps me improve! :-)


  1. Thanks for fixing the black and white flowers background...I actually chose to use your understated-yet-adorable black and white "pop" background on my blog instead. I'm so glad there are people out there like you with mad talent. Thanks for the free backgrounds! Love your site too.

  2. Love the Sweetsicles blog design... so cute and unique!!

  3. I came across your blog in a google search and used the Blue Burst on my blog! I love it! And I'll be back for more I'm sure, I like to change up my blog periodically. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!! :)


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