Indie-Craft Show at the Ohio State Fair!

Soooooo. I bleve I failed to mention,

that I was accepted into the 1st Indie-Craft show at the Ohio State Fair!!!

It is being organized by the members of the Columbus Crafty Cotillion

*swoon all over my blog*

The ladies of the Crafty Cotillion are the definition of what is cool and successful in indie-crafts. As Columbus is a growing player in the indie-arts arena, this group is one of the stars leading the way. I never thought I'd get accepted to their show. I got accepted!

(I knowwwww what you are thinking. "oooh state fair, way to hit it big" Idon'tcare. Here in Ohio the state fair is huuuuge, and there will likely be a lot of people who see the show. That is great exposure! It is also a way for the handmade craft scene to make themselves shown to the public. Make way, country crafts! Ohio does not only belong to the basket-and-quilt crowd any longer!


  1. Congratulations. Being at a State fair sounds like a huge accomplishment to me. You should feel proud.

  2. good luck at the fair!! I hope it goes really well for you...and you can always snack on funnel cakes when it's slow :)


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