SCAL 101: Finally cutting cool crap

Now we are just jumping ahead to the real reason anybody gets SCAL in the first place.... cutting whatever you want!

If you get lost, has great videos for detailed use on how to navigate SCAL and such. They also have a large collection of FREE files already in .svg format!

To walk through this, I am going to use this pretty butterfly from Cheeky Magpie (we are ignoring that she already has the .svg file included- we'll work from the .png file!)

(Yes, I absolutely regretted chosing this as my example! All those details take forever to punch out. Anyways)

1) Open Inkscape > File > Open > Find butterfly file > open

2) Click on the image to select it > Path > Trace bitmap

3) Leave selection defaults > press Update > Then Okay
Inkscape will draw the vector right on top of the old butterfly. You will notice that the new butterfly has edges that are very smooth. This is good.
Click on top image (butterfly vector) > drag to side > click on bottom (original image) > delete


4) Drag vector back to center > File > Save

Next, we switch to SCAL

5) Open scal > file > import svg > find the butterfly .svg file you just made

6) Everything opens at 1 inch in size at first. Click and drag to scale


7) Load your paper into Cricut > click on the Scissors to cut > select Firmware version > Press Okay
The Cricut should start cutting
The settings I used are blade depth 4, speed low, pressure med
scal tutorial

8) Now your filigree butterfly is all done!
scal tutorial
Tip: Save the outline of the butterfly to use as a stencil!

And there you have it! Once you have done this a few times, it will go extremely fast. And you can start cutting out fonts, dingbats, shapes, whatever you like! I'll be posting some of the things I have made next, including a tutorial for this tote bag!

tote bags

Here are a few more sites with FREE .svg files


  1. I want one of these SOOO bad now!!!! thanks for the tut :^)

  2. Great instructions! Thank you very much!

    I was looking for sports logos to cut out on vinyl, and found a lot of them searching for silhouettes. The black images worked great to trace and save to svg to import into SCAL.


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