Happy/Crappy is a meme introduced to me by Liz. The term Happy/Crappy alone makes me happy.

Happy: One of my Top Favoritest Bloggers Evar, Kate from Centsational Girl, left ME this wonderful comment on my blog! (Oh, I feel famous!)

Centsational Girl has left a new comment on your post "Tote bag tutorial":

I love it ! You are one DIY diva - such an eye for beauty, and such patience too!

Lovely handiwork.

Posted by Centsational Girl to jannypie crafts at August 7, 2009 2:14 AM

Crappy: I totally bombed at the Handmade Expo this weekend. As in, didn't-even-cover-my-entrance-fee-bombed. How many people do you know who would actually admit to that???

Happy: This weekend, we adopted this puppy, whom we have named Tigerlilly. Yes there are two Ls. She is called Lilly for short, she loves our current dog Rosemary, and Rose is not pleased to have a little sister.

Crappy: I was not chosen to be in the Holy Grail of 'alternative' craft shows here in Columbus, Craftin' Outlaws. The organizer was exceedingly nice enough to give me honest feedback about why I wasn't accepted, which was basically that my branding is good but doesn't fit the show. I can accept that. It's stinky poopy since the show is the type of branding I was going for in the first place, but I can admit failure when it punches me in the back of the neck, steals my lunch money, and calls me fat.
This is not a Crappy about the show or the selection team, it's a Crappy about my own failure to convey my abilities. I should have submitted more of what I would actually have taken than just samples of all of my work. But, my creations aren't for everybody, or even mostbodies, and I have always known that. I can be okay with that.

Happy: I just won a giveaway from my all-time favorite scrapbooking designers, sassafrass lass. I won the embellish giveaway... ALL of the embellishments in this post! My favorite of which is this set of "song writers" stamps *swooning all over your monitor*

(This is like, the scrappy jannypie version of winning the lottery. My cheer-up fairies must be looking out for me.)

Crappy: Yeah, I'm just going to stop here :-) My Happies are way better than my Crappies.


  1. Love you Janny! Hope the happy outweighs the crappy from here on out!

  2. Oooh congrats on the Sassafras Giveaway!! That is my fave brand right now :)

  3. I also hope your happies outweigh your crappies. I love your stuff! And I think your table design is awesome! I love your photos from the recent craft show you went to.

  4. Aww, I was wondering how the show on Saturday went. :( Such great news that Tigerlilly is home!! :) You'll have to email Amanda about another photo shoot. ;)

  5. Poopy :( I'm sorry it didn't go very well and that you didn't get in for Craftin' Outlaws. Keep on truckin', though! You do a great job! Keep looking at all those happies....puppies, fun winnings, and awesome comments!!

  6. I guess we gotta take the crappy with the happy...but every crappy can lead to a happy!! I love your work, keep up the great work!!


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