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I am very happy to say that starting in September, I will be going part-time at my job!

As you may know, my degree is in Biology and I have been spending the past 5 years at a science research company. While I do love science, many factors have led me to want to cut back from full time. I cannot articulate how relieved, grateful, and excited I am about this. But I will not be un-productive! I plan to use the time to do MORE of the things I enjoy- including crafting and blogging!

Help me brainstorm:

Things I Want To Do When I Go Part Time

1. Sleep. I am so tired. I have had daily insomnia for approaching 3 years. I am simply out of energy.

2. Clean. Srsly.

3. Learn screenprinting.

4. Get my blog in shape: better sections for all the different areas, make it easier to find things.

5. Finish blog design orders. Like whoa.

6. Volunteer. I really feel the need to give back more of my time to those around me.

7. Exercise!

8. Sleep!


  1. how exciting!! I'm really happy for you...you'll love part time, I'm sure!

  2. so fun! but did you have to use the word brainstorm?

  3. 9. spend more time with erin!
    so excited for you! xo!


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