Haunted Houses by jannypie

He's fierce.
It comes from his pirate father.
He's cute.
It comes from his owly mother.
He's original.
From my own doodle in pencil!
He's flexible.
I can cut it out with my Cricut.
He's free.
(Wait, what?) (Why would she give her design away for free?)

With a face like that, how can I NOT share?!

Unique skull and crossbones design 
Download for free (Please leave a comment!)

Skowly is for Personal Use Only. Do not sell him in any form. Please give credit back to my site when used. Thanks!


  1. he's awesome and so very cool!! just like you! :)

  2. Cutest owl ever!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. ARGH! He is cutest EVER! What a darling design, thanks so much for sharing. I might have to put him on a hoodie. I'll be linking to this little guy if you don't mind.


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